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  And now a segue to a Segway

Date:September 14, 2007
Time:7:00 pm.
Place:WEA, 223 Angas Street, ADELAIDE
Presenter:Geoffrey Bennett

Geoffrey Bennett is a long time convenor of Linux SA and previous SAMG guest speaker on Linux (circa 1995) and the (December 6, 2002 TiVo Video Recorder ). This time he showed us and described his home-built version of the Segway (Open-Source Segway(R)) - make sure you view the video!). The Segway is a compact personal means of transport. It is essentially a battery-powered, two-wheeled, motorized platform that the user stands on to ride. It relies on acceleratioin and gyroscope sensors and a lot of control electronics combined with very clever software to determine its stability and velocity. Geoffrey's lecture/demo was well attended. His version of the Segway is a triumph of hardware and software design..