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  ETSA's Playford Museum Visit

Date:April 16, 2004
Time:7:30pm at the Museum
Place:ETSA's Playford Museum at 31 Broughton Ave Karralta Park

ETSA's Playford Museum Visit Friday April 16 (week after Easter)

While the Wind Farm development represents the future of power generation our visit to ETSA's Playford Museum at 31 Broughton Ave Karralta Park on Friday April 16 (one week later than usual due to Easter) from 7:30 pm (note that time) will largely represent the past for power generation.

You will see generators and motors (some in working condition, some cut away for internal viewing), electrical standard for voltage (the mercury cell), resistance, etc, and many early forms of household electrical appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, TV, vintage vehicles, as well as a very comprehensive workshop full of lathes, welders, presses, etc. still in regular use. There is even a very high voltage generator capable of generating millions of volts for testing electrical equipment (probably a bit high for microprocessors though!)

Rick has posted some photographs from ETSA Museum.


Rick Matthews