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17th 2003f November 2003
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  WiFi, Citilan, PICAXE, Linux, robotics, solar cars, electric bikes etc

Date:November 14, 2003
Time:7:00 pm.
Place:WEA, 223 Angas Street, ADELAIDE
Presenter:SAMG Members


LINUX - Kernel 2.6 on the verge of release

SCO claiming software theft from SUN, IBM,SGI, in fact every Linux user

Telstra replacing 85% Unix, Windows boxes in 3 years with Linux (Firefly) to cut $1.5 billion IT costs by half.

To India, EU, South America, NASA, DoD now add Japan, China, South Korea going Linux

Germany fine SCO 10,000 Euros for not providing evidence in their claim of software stealing.

IBM start "Linux - the future is open" advertising in USA - see www.ibm.com/open

Virgin Airlines in-flight movies run under Linux

MS - customers say registration, spyware, distrust are reasons for shifting away from MS

PIC - MicroChip rep at PIC Group November meeting - Aztronics

PIC Group December meeting on stepper motor control - Steve Knight

50 MHz frequency counter kit (Silicon Chip November issue) based on 16F84

auto-ranging, counts 0.1 Hz to >60 MHz

WiFi - D-Link 802.11b 22 Mbit cards on special for $99 at some DSE stores (de-listed)

2 client,one AP Belkin 11 Mbit kits for $150 at Harvey Norman

bridging function for client cards? or use APs.


Video - TV/video in to hard drive (similar to TiVo)


video protection

Alternative Power Generation - wind farms - Starfish Hill, Yorke Peninsula - talk next year

electric bikes/cars, Solar Challenge

Robotics - lots of motors, gears, in Tandy/DSE shops.

also December PIC Group meeting on steppers

Lead-free Solder - soon to be mandatory

usually Sn + Ag + trace elements

higher melting point, matt finish

DVD Burners - cheap DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW drives

lots of burner and movie player s/w

Internet - worms, viruses, virus checkers

auto-dialler malicious software - circuit

"from: rehrat" email

databases - SQL + PHP

SAMG - late notices on Web site

sending out email - individual & not mass mailings

Newsletter frequency


Xmas - RatBag talk

Bring some soft drinks and cups (no alcohol at WEA please)

Parking - any need for parking map?

. . . compiled by Rick Matthews