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  Grid connect solar power systems

Date:May 10, 2002
Time:7:00 pm.
Place:WEA, 223 Angas Street, ADELAIDE
Presenter:Heinz Rechten CREST Energy Solutions

Until recently, Heinz was business manager for Cummins Power Generation's alternative energy division. He has now set up his own business supplying solar power systems.

What is grid connect solar power? Half the cost of a solar power system is the batteries. If you are already on the power grid, the batteries are not really necessary. In a grid connect system, the solar panels are connected to your house power system and if solar power is available then that is used. When the sun is not strong enough, you use the grid. The benefit is that by using the grid, you save the huge cost of batteries but when the cells are generating power and you are not using it, your meter runs backwards - giving you a credit against night time usage.

An article in Silicon Chip on grid connect power systems, recently claimed that you cannot save money by installing solar power in your home. Heinz does not necessarily disagree with the article, but thinks it was a 'worst case' scenario - come and hear a more optimistic treatment of this growing industry.