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  AGM + Atmel Microprocessor Design - Peter Gheude

Date:February 8, 2002
Time:7:00 pm.
Place:WEA, 223 Angas Street, ADELAIDE
Presenter:Mr Peter Gheude

Atmel Microprocessor Design - Peter Gheude


We have a number of events planned for this year as you will see from the Meetings' Program. These are not firmed up at this stage and there are also quite a few spaces. If you can add to the list or would like to see some rearrangement to the program, then the AGM is the best opportunity to do this.

There is a problem at our meetings with having to leave the WEA building by 10:00pm. This is so the caretaker can lock up and go home when the last classes finish in the main WEA building. One possible way to reduce the problem is to have our meetings start at 7:00pm. That way we get in an extra hour and get first choice at the limited parking.

We seem to have found the only available choice of meeting venues because of insurance as you know, but if there is some alternative let's hear it. I wonder how other small groups are getting on due to insurance costs? Maybe we could run "virtual meetings" over the Internet and not have a venue or funding problem at all and be able to have members world-wide?

There is also the issue of difficulty parking near the WEA caused by the Adelaide City Council replacing parking space with street-scaping in all nearby streets.

You may wish to discuss the loss of Electronics Australia magazine (among others), the rumoured withdrawal of electronic component sales by traditional outlets due to lack of sales and maybe the need to start looking at bulk purchases by the SAMG for our members in future. There is little or no physics, maths and consequently introduction to electronics in schools these days. One person from the electonics industry is trying to reintroduce this to schools and maybe we could help him?

I think there is plenty to discuss at the AGM. Make every effort to be there at the WEA Cottage 223 Angus St Adelaide on Friday February 8 at 8:00pm.

For those of you who attended the meeting and expressed interest in getting your own id.au email address, you can find more information on this at http://wattle.id.au/